10 reasons why organic cotton is better for babies

Your baby is the most precious human being in your life. We want our babies to have the best possible life. DUDUWHOLESALE, one of the suppliers of wholesale baby clothing you can trust for the first time. Dudu Wholesale is the best option for buy clothing in bulk and wholesale baby clothes.

Perhaps you have already made the switch to organic food for your family’s health. Why not make sure that what touches their bodies is organic?

Over the last few years, organic cotton clothing and baby products has become more popular. Parents are choosing natural products over clothes or products that are chemically treated.

We have listed below the reasons why choosing organic, natural products for your baby is the best.

Organic is the best for your baby.

We now know what the main difference is between organic cotton and regular cotton. Here are six reasons why organic bedding and clothing should be preferred for your baby.

It lasts longer

Organic cotton is more durable than conventional cotton. One good quality, long-lasting sleepsuit can last for many years instead of you having to purchase a new set every month.

This is because organic cotton’s resilient fibers are not damaged by chemicals during its growing and weaving processes.

This makes quality superior.

It will age gracefully no matter how many times it is washed or if it is worn by your baby.

Safe for baby’s skin

The developmental stage of baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and absorbent. Because their skin is more porous than that of adults, it absorbs more chemicals and other substances. The GOTS certifies organic clothing as such. This certification requires that the chemicals used on the product be controlled. GOTS-certified products are free from harmful carcinogenic chemicals.

Peace of Mind at an Affordable Price

The certified organic clothing is not only affordable because it uses organic materials and fair wages, but also has a higher quality. You get a lot for the money when you consider all the benefits that GOTS certified organic products provide.

It’s better for the environment

Conventional cotton is harmful to many plants and wildlife. It also wastes a lot of water.

The residue from pesticides and insecticides is sprayed onto the soil, trees, and vegetations. This allows wildlife to eat and drink the pesticides. Animals often consume treated cotton seeds, which can cause them to become ill or even die.

The environment is safe with organic cotton farming methods. Organic cotton uses less water and energy. It is healthier and more fertile. The soil is locked in carbon dioxide by the farming methods. Organic cotton farming emits 94% less greenhouse gases than conventional methods. The strict regulations of GOTS ban hazardous chemicals and require that all wastewater be treated to protect water supplies.

Groundwater systems can be contaminated by chemicals used in Conventional Cotton Crops. This type of contamination is eliminated by growing organic cotton, which protects and improves the quality of our water.

Organic cotton is more comfortable and softens.

Organic cotton is naturally a soft fibre. However, when it is soaked in chemicals, organic cotton can lose its soft touch and become coarse and scratchy. This can cause discomfort.

Organic Cotton Clothing is often associated to FAIR LABOR or FAIR TRADE. This ensures that workers receive a fair wage. Our babies will not be wearing clothing made in sweatshops!

Organic cotton clothing is softer and less likely to contain Formaldehyde which is a chemical used in the garment industry.

Babies are more susceptible to toxic substances that come into contact with their skin or respiratory system. Organic cotton clothing is gentler for baby’s skin and more healthy.

You need not worry if your baby plays with organic cotton toys and chews on organic cotton teethers. They are safe for babies!

By supporting the organic cotton industry, we can help to ensure our children’s future and reduce the pollution levels on the planet.

You can feel the peace of your mind knowing that your baby is receiving the best possible care and that you are protecting the environment.

It’s better for farmers

Organic cotton is better for your baby’s health as well as the environment. It is also better for farmers who grow it.

Farmers aren’t exposed and don’t have to inhale pesticides or other harmful chemicals. GMO seeds are not expensive and they don’t have to go into debt. This means that they are able to enjoy farming more.