Destiny 2 – The Way to Acquire Concentrated Radiolarian Culture

Discover how to acquire Concentrated Radiolarian Culture in Curse of Osiris 

In Curse of Osiris, players have been introduced to The Infinite Forge, a location where they can utilize Lost Prophecy pills to make new weapons. Prior to any weapons can be produced, there are a couple tools that have to be gathered, and among the most common ones would be your Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. 

The Way to Get Concentrated Radiolarian Culture

The Concentrated Radiolarian Culture is that the Simplest material to accumulate out of all of the vital tools to be used together with the Lost Prophecy pills. The only way to acquire Concentrated Radiolarian Culture is by finishing yoyo fashion Public Occasions and opening chests on planets. At the conclusion of a Public Event, you’ll have a prospect of having a Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, therefore it is a fantastic idea to farm Public Occasions — as well as Heroic Public Occasions — along with different men and women. You May Also have to farm for Fossilized Hermaion Blossom and Advanced Paradox Amplifiers. 

If you manage to get 10 Radiolarian Cultures, You’re able to take them to Brother Vance and exchange them Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. You will want to get as many Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures as you can, as there are just six Lost Prophecy Tablet firearms that need the rare source: 

  • Garden Progeny 1, Scout Rifle
  • The Conqueror two, SMG
  • Jack Queen King 3, Hand Cannon
  • Machina Dei 4, Pulse Rifle
  • Sol Pariah 6, SMG
  • Null Calamity 9, Car Rifle

To craft All the Lost Prophecy firearms at the Infinite Forge, you’ll have to amass 11 Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures through your playtime. Regrettably, there’s absolutely no way to guarantee yourself an Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, you will simply have to play keep grinding for all those drops. Make sure you have a look at our Fantasy 2 Total Strategy Guide for more info of Osiris info. 

When You complete your initial epic cyberpunk fashion experience in Destiny two Curse of Osiris (once you complete the effort ), Brother Vance will provide you Lost Prophecy, Verse 1. You will use this little box would be to craft among 11 new Vex-themed firearms. 

After finishing Verse 1, that Is Basically a Tutorial box, Vance provides three additional boxes. Every Verse doesn’t immediately tell you which weapon it will provide you or that which crafting materials are required when you pick it. That is where we come in. 

Each box needs different crafting substances That you will find scattered round the area of Fantasy 2. For help finding these tools, have a look at our useful crafting manual. 

Due to the useful Reddit thread by Denprofet along with the Destiny two database, we also have an notion of the Verses which have yet to be showcased by Brother Vance. We have included those beneath.