How to Take Care Of Your Beautiful “Dusky Skin”

Each dusky skin tone has its own charm, but the beauty industry has categorised them into distinct categories. This is to help you choose the right makeup and clothes to match your skin tone and complexion.

This post will show you the best makeup and colors to accentuate dusky skin

  • What & Why Do You Have Dusky Skin?

Dusky skin is lighter than wheatish skin but slightly darker than that of wheatish skin. You can also refer to it as “sun-kissed”, or “tanned”.

According to scientific studies, this complexion is very common in Indians. It can be explained by genetics as well as geographical proximity rituales to the Equator. (1)

  • Makeup Tips For Dusky Skin Complexion
  • Use a foundation that matches your skin tone

Do not wear a foundation that is lighter than your ebrity teeth skin. This can cause your skin to look patchy and grey. Wear your shade proudly! A foundation’s purpose is to make your skin look radiant and healthy.


To get an idea of the shade that will best match your skin, place the foundation shade on your jawline.

  • Concealer

A concealer is something you should not be without. This will make your skin look more even and conceal any sun-spots or craigslist vt blemishes. Make sure to choose a concealer that is at least a shade darker than your skin.

Use a makeup sponge to apply the product.

  • Highlight Your Eyes

Dusky women often have dark-brown eyes and brows. Your eyes should be highlighted. Use shades such as burgundy, green, and gold. Dark metallic colors look great on dusky skin. Eye-liners can be used in shades of blue and green. You can experiment with white eyeliner if you want to.

  • Blush

Contrast is the key. Dusky skin looks great with shades like coral, berry, and deep orange. Avoid using beige and browns. These can cause your skin to look dull. Choose dark reds during the day, and plum, wine, and bronze at night.

  • Lip Shade

Deep and dark colors are best, with a preference for pinks and reds. For a dusky complexion, shades such as plum, maroon and burgundy work well. Avoid bright colors such as neons and oranges for your lips. Nude burberry shoes shades are best worn with skin tones. A shade that is too light can make your skin look drab.