Why does everyone suddenly want fake “ebrity teeth”?

Michael Apa distinctly remembers the first time that a patient asked him to fix her Celebrity Teeth. She didn’t like how they looked in photos. Apa was treating Huda Kattan in 2015. She was a 2015 patient. Kattan had good reasons to care about her smile. Kattan used her popular ebrity teeth beauty blog, as well as millions of Instagram followers, to create Huda Beauty, a global cosmetics brand. Her path to success was dotted with thousands upon thousands of close-up photos and videos of herself.

Kattan chose porcelain veneers to perfect her Celebrity Teeth. They have seen a lot of success in the last 10 years. Apa, an aesthetic dentist who has over a quarter million followers on Instagram, recorded her procedure coat dress on his YouTube channel. Veneers have been used for decades less to treat people who are not famous due to their serious shape or size problems. However, they can be used to enhance a person’s smile beyond what traditional orthodontia can do. Veneers can designer durags cost as little as $1,000 per tooth and, for top-tier aesthetic dentists like Apa, could easily reach $3,000 to $4,000 per tooth.

For many years, veneers were only available to celebrities who are professionally wealthy and attractive. In the late 1990s, they gained wide popularity among celebrities and would have remained in those exclusive circles if not for Instagram. Instagram’s “influencers”, a group of mostly young, preternaturally beautiful power users who are mostly women, and mostly attractive, is under tremendous pressure to achieve the same beauty standards ebrity teeth that their Hollywood counterparts. Apa now hears from all walks of life that people want to look better in selfies. He says quiet coyote that every cosmetic procedure has seen a surge in popularity since Instagram was invented.

Instagram has seen a shift in how influencers interact with their followers than celebrities. This has allowed Instagram to close the gap between what models and actors do to their bodies, and what young people will want to do (and spend money) to improve their own bodies. Influencers have started to accept a variety of cosmetic enhancements including veneers for a new generation of consumers.

Dental veneers have been around since 1928 when Charles Pincus, an aesthetic dentist who was a pioneer in the field of dentistry, was asked by Hollywood studio executives to create the perfect look for actor’s Celebrity Teeth. Actors could still enjoy perfect smiles after the procedure, but it was only temporary. Veneers are now more durable. Thin porcelain covers are attached to the Celebrity Teeth’s fronts. They have been sanded to allow for the addition. On average, they last 10 years. These are part of a range of cosmetic procedures that influencers include lip injections and Fraxel  bid shopping laser treatment: they’re more involved and last longer than good makeup, but less expensive than plastic surgery.