Five Important Tips for Brown Belt

BJJ Brown Belt is the one belt people don’t talk about in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As I mentioned, the black belt is the “ultimate goal”, at least for most people who progress through the ranks. The belt, which is somewhere in between the black and purple belts, seems to be under the radar. At least, that’s what it looks like.

It is not easy to be a BJJ Brown Belt. Truth be told, I loved being a purple belt so much that I was sad to have to give that belt up when my rank was promoted to brown. But I came to realize that the belt period in JIu-Jitsu is crucial. It’s just that not many people talk about it. The Brown belt is the bridge between the BJJ for white belts and purple belts.

Brown Belt – It’s Time To Think

This is something I’ve said before at all belt levels (except for white belt), but it was true that I thoroughly enjoyed being a belt. You’re often entering unfamiliar territory when you get your BJJ brown Belt. Although it may seem absurd, most people don’t know much about what to expect from a in BJJ.

Although you’ll need to devote a lot of time to Jiu-Jitsu to earn your brown belt, once you are one, things don’t really get that simple. While people talk about purple and blue belts, expectations and requirements, not much is said about becoming a BJJ.

What do BJJ World Champion Brown Belt Focus on?

There are many different experiences with BJJ. Mikey Musumeci, a four-time BJJ World Champion and one of the most respected competitors in modern times, gives a detailed explanation of what to expect and what you should focus on as a brown.

Mikey must remind all new BJJ that celebrity drawings there is a “leg lock phase”. This refers to those who train mostly in the Gi while competing under IBJJF rules. Musumeci says that the first few weeks after getting the “license” to do toe holds or kneebars, new brown belts can do only those. This is in addition to all other BJJF activities. Musumeci advises that you have the funds to purchase leg locks but not wait to become a belt to train them, particularly in the defensive portion.

Mikey reminds us that a BJJ Belt is essentially a Black Belt. There isn’t much to distinguish the two. Brown belts tend to reach black belt quickly. Getting to brown is almost like being in the Major Leagues.