Gorpcore Fashion for Men

From Hiking the Forest to the High Street

Tell us what you really think. Do you prefer to live in the city during the week or do you prefer to be on the trail on weekends? Are you proud of your ability to mix fashion and function? Do you have a Nalgene water bottle and a backpack that you always carry? We’re not going to call you out. We have good news for you if you answered yes to any of these questions. Gorpcore is your new style aesthetic. This trend is perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, but also those who are just starting to reconnect with nature. Learn more about men’s gorpcore fashion trends and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.

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Gorpcore’s Meaning, Decoded

Let’s start our sartorial adventure by answering the question, “What is gorpcore?” Jason Chen, of The Cut, coined the term “gorpcore” in 2017 to describe a new wave of urbanites wearing camping gear. Men’s wearable art, called “morpcore”, is inspired by outdoor activities like hiking and other natural pursuits. This combination combines performance gear for all-terrain adventures with fashionable colors, logo loyalty and stylish silhouettes. Anoraks in fire, sunset, and safety orange are paired with khaki, smoke, or lake-blue tech trousers. Gorpcore fashion is trail-ready, even if you walk only a short distance to the farmer’s market.

Gorpcore Fashion for Men – Trail-worthy Tops

It is no secret that what to wear hiking and men’s gorpcore fashion share much of the same terrain. Layering is a key principle of hiking. For maximum performance, start with a base layer and then move on to outerwear essentials. We’ll break down your must have shirts, from sleeve length and fabrication.

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To Keep Fresh, Gorpcore T-Shirts

You’re not climbing mountains when you gorpcore. So you don’t need to wear true-blue performance shirts. A simple cotton shirt can be changed up or a graphic tee. Graphic T-shirts for men are a great way to express your personality in street fashion. This is also true for gorpcore. Choose a long-sleeve shirt featuring a design depicting your favorite National Park, landmark or locality. Your shirt should reflect your love for the mountains, with Kilimanjaro. You might prefer something simpler to make your layers stand out. Outdoor and athletic logos are always a winner.

Discover Gorpcore Outerwear

Men’s performance outerwear represents the pinnacle of gorpcore fashion. Storm-proof outerwear is a must, even if you are only walking from your front door to the car. This aesthetic is best represented by rain-resistant puffer jackets. The high-performance gorpcore jackets that are central to this trend have down or vegan-friendly alternatives. You’re ready for marshmallow roasting by wrapping yourself in quilted texture.

Gorpcore Fashion For Men: Shorts and Pants

Once you have your go-to gorpcore layers, it is time to transition to shorts and pants. You can combine style and function with these rugged yet comfortable pairs in natural-inspired colors. You can bring the great outdoors into the city with functional details, stretch fabrics and a determined spirit. Intrigued? These are our top picks of trekker-approved shorts and pants.

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Pants for Path-Carving

Despite the temptation to reach for the rugged denim of the gorpcore style, you should resist the urge to rock your jeans. This aesthetic is about making it seem like you’re ready to take on the world. Denim won’t cut it. We suggest you try tech pants or hiking pants. These pants are made from water-repellent, flexible, and rip-stop fabrics, as opposed to the soft knits found in men’s Jogger Sets. Gorpcore pants are designed to move with you, and protect you from all the elements.

For the Shoreline, Stay on-trend with Shorts

You don’t have to wear gorpcore in the heat, but who says? This trend is great for layering and warm fabric. But, you don’t have to stop at four seasons. Hiker shorts are the perfect way to channel the sun and surf side of gorpcore. You’ll feel comfortable and cool with all the activewear features like water resistance and elastic waistbands. This is the perfect piece to wear for lunch at the park or to play hooky at the coast. You can personalize your shorts by choosing a pair with slide-buckle waists, bungee cords, and roomy pockets.