Headphones and other accessories

There are several tech accessories that can make your child’s remote learning area feel a little more like the classroom and make it easier to focus. For instance, a pair of over-ear headphones will not only be more comfortable for your child, they will also drown out outside noise and allow your student to focus. A wireless mouse can be easier than a laptop’s track pad, an alarm clock is handy for scheduling self-led learning times, and a USB drive is great when your kids are sharing computers. Below are some suggestions based on our tech editors, David and Mike’s, recommend ations. Clothes and Shoes
In our back-to-school survey, we also asked parents what they needed for their kids attending in-person classes. When it came to clothing, they wanted brands like Under Armour and Nike. Retailers are offering sales on name brands this year and kids can stock up on their favorites before heading back to school.

Online Courses & Learning
If your child needs a little extra help getting back into the virtual learning mindset, there are fun classes and courses offered online that can help. These are also beneficial for younger children as educational activities to keep them entertained while big brother or sister is in school. We’ve also listed some for college-age kids for additional learning.

In-Person Learning

Everyday School Supplies
These items are likely needed for both in-person and virtual learning. You can find all of our back to school supplies in our School Season Shopping Guide.

Backpacks and Lunch bags
Under Armour backpacks are a big seller this year. We also see a lot of parents looking for character backpacks and Disney usually has great options for those!

Whether you’ll be helping your child start their day in your pajamas, or sending your kid off on the bus also in your pajamas, we hope this guide can help you check back-to-school shopping off your list. I’d also just like to remind all parents that we offer deals on coffee as well