Indie Fashion Magazines

You Want to Put Down Your Vogue Copy

Magazines are moving to online platforms, with print slowly disappearing, so there is more competition for magazines than the traditional fashion magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Indie magazines are great for styling inspiration and fashion photography. These are the top independent magazines online, and you’ll be ordering them as soon as possible.

1. Metal

Metal is an Indie Fashion publication that combines high-end fashion with artistic direction and a heavy emphasis on art. This publication is geared more towards artists, photographers and stylists working in black wedding rings Indie Fashion. Their unattainable photoshoot ideas are great creative inspiration to save for later.

2. Vulkan

Vulkan, an industry-driven publication, is a great place for finding a mix in Indie Fashion celebrities as well as submitted work from small-name personnel. This Toronto-based media platform has hosted faces like Olivia Holt and Bazzi.


Their website states that PUSS PUSS was “inspired by people who follow their own path and aren’t influenced or told what to do by others – just like cats!” The bi-annual magazine and website combine what everyone loves: celebrities and Indie Fashion.

W mag is still a well-known magazine for celebrity news and women’s fashion, but it is worth mentioning because it is also a more artistic industry publication that isn’t everyone’s favorite. While the magazine’s focus is on Fashion Nova Men pleasing images and layouts, it appeals to Indie Fashion. Their Instagram feed is simply amazing!

4. Sunday Girl

Sunday Girl is the perfect magazine for #GirlBosses who are looking for a magazine that emphasizes female empowerment, fashion and music. The biannual publication claims to champion feminism, equality, and provide a magazine for intelligent, ambitious and creative females.

Up and coming magazines offer a fresh way to see fashion magazines. They have a new way of looking at them.

2020 is upon us and there are many things to look forward too (and not just the election). Barney’s, our beloved chain, has closed its doors. Major chains like The Gap, Victoria Secrets and others are closing their stores across the U.S. A stroll down Madison Avenue will reveal a retail graveyard with a few dozen empty storefronts. But, there are good things happening in NYC retail.