Meet up with the Twist Of Your Mask Ed Singer

Gremlin: Mickey Rourke

“Assess the gremlin guide and You’re Going to notice I Can flourish if the temperatures is still a trendy 66.5 levels”

Clues: Checkered background, includes a side and Loves all critters, wants to prepare.

Drag-on: Busta Rhymes

“Should you Desire a popular question for locating my Individuality, only start looking right into bonds and stocks ”

Clues: his lair Is a Little cluttered, ” he Adores a fantastic Bizarre costume, so he is really about a pursuit are the most useful, his passion was”reckless,” he switched gears now he has plenty of gold, even a bone, the Statue of Liberty

Unmasked to become Busta Rhymes in episode .


“In case you are Attempting to Find out that I’m, Here is a hint: ” This sun is aware the way you can shine as a flashlight even throughout winter”

Clues: Gold Member, intense seasons,” sensed just like The middle of this world however, the highlight has been overly far, Mickey Mouse ears, suspended, ” A Silent location, seems as sunlight can be a manifestation of the


“In case You’re Searching for a sign to my own Individuality, you ought to understand that I talk about some thing in accordance having a potent giant”

Clues: He has needed a Rollercoaster livelihood, songs Is at his bloodstream however he turned into the butt of jokes once he’d took a huge possibility and burnt and crashed off, $3, then drummed up ferocious victory, he is at the driver’s chair and he is off into the races

Pop Corn

“Mirror, mirror on the walls, everything causes me to The biggest wonder of most?”

Clues: Collars as well as also the Town, Gold-fish wearing Hoops, tiger, assembled a livelihood throughout love-but she has a”hard-corn” hustler, runs nights”rushin'” out of 1 project into another location, meatloaf, seeds, apples, and somewhat stuffy, ” she jet sets to unique regions together with royalty

Snow OWL-S

“You are able to try and Find out that we’re, however In terms of that is talented, it is really a tie”

Clues: ” We have not viewed them collectively Every so Often Now, however, it really is time to get a household, he is a prankster who covered their household at snow, even a decoration, a climbed, Hollywood,” Magnolia along with also”Quarrel Canyon,”


“A Exceptional Pair of secrets flipped my match Forever. Tic-tac-whoa.”

Clues: Was Raised in Hollywood, a bass at a Ginger, obviously right into water,” Italy

Little One Alien

“In case You’re Searching for a hint Relating to This Little one Alien, whatever you’ve got to do is visit the celebrities ”

Clues: was around the Tony Prize phase, ” the Liberty Bell, roses, collapses in an infant,”Trapped in 2nd gear”