Minecraft Party Game Activities

Are you worried about your kids spending two hours on their phones at a Minecraft party? These Minecraft party games will get your kids out of their chairs and allow them to engage in real-life Minecraft-inspired activities. Mirago Media AB created Grapevine. Our vision: In today’s world that is constantly changing our goal is to design and develop low-cost products that can be enjoyed by everyone during the hours , and also to help with the preparation and planning of schnitzeljagd aufgaben birthday parties, celebrations, events celebrations, anniversary celebrations, corporate events and family celebrations by providing tips and techniques.

Quick Build Contest

You can use large boxes wrapped in pixelated prints as your Minecraft blocks to play this game. Split guests into two groups and give each team an equal number of building blocks. Give guests five minutes to complete the build challenge. When the time runs out, have an adult or older child evaluate the buildings.

Farm Animal Scavenger Hunt

Invite your guests to go on a hunt for farm animals. Then, they will be able to gather them in Minecraft. You can hide plush or paper-printed versions pigs, cows, sheep, chickens around the party area. The number of people playing will determine how many animals you hide. You can either divide the children into teams or challenge them to find a certain amount of each animal. Or you can send them on their own quests to find one. You can also give each animal a point value and have them collect as many animals as possible in a given time. Then add the scores together to determine the winner.

Musical TNT

The game can be played in a similar way to the traditional game of musical chairs. Instead of having one more player than the number of chairs you have, you start with an equal number of chairs and label one with a TNT symbol. As the music stops, children circle the row of chairs and take a seat. The TNT chair “explodes”, and the player who is seated in it is eliminated from the game. Each round sees one chair removed so that each player has one chair. However, the TNT chair remains in play.

You can hide the TNT label under the chair, and then switch it up after each round. This will ensure that the children don’t know which seat is the exploding one.

Wolf Tag

This game requires several players and large open areas. Mark the area by drawing lines on either side. Steve is the chosen player, while the rest are wolves. Steve does have a bone to use to control the wolves. However, he cannot do it all alone. As the Wolves gather behind the line on the one side, Steve should stand in the middle. The wolves must run between the lines, passing Steve as they go. Steve must use a bone to tag the wolves and tame them as they go.

Steve can tag a player with the bone and that player becomes one his loyal companions. The “tamed Wolf” must work with Steve to tag other wolves while they are running back and forth between the lines. Each time a wild wolf gets tagged by Steve’s wolves the player must join forces with Steve and help him tag them. The chain will eventually grow large enough to capture all the wolves and allow them to be tamed.

Make your own Minecraft swords and DIY Creeper Heads

You can give your kids boxes and a variety supplies like paint, wrapping paper with cube patterns, etc. So they can make creepy heads. It is possible to cut the eye holes in the heads before you start the project or to have someone help with it.

You can also make Minecraft pickaxes and diamond swords.

Looking for diamonds?

You will need to freeze the diamonds (or fake jewels purchased at dollar stores or craft shops) in blocks of ice. You can have children work in teams or individually depending on how big the ice blocks are. Each player should be given a spoon. Let them work together until the jewels are removed from the ice.

Pumpkin Gathering Game

To make a pumpkin pie in Minecraft, players will need to find two pumpkins. Two small pumpkins must be hidden by each player in the party area. Just before the birthday cake is served, inform your guests that they will need to find two pumpkins each and bring them to the table for a slice of cake.

Mine Cart Relay Race

Two boxes can be decorated to look like the minecarts in the game. Tape can be used to create two sets of parallel tracks on the ground or floor. Place a pile of coal at one end of the tracks. Split the children into teams and ask them to line up at each other’s tracks. Players can race relay-style using the cart to move the coal from one track to the next.

Lava Bucket Brigade

All of your party guests should form a line. A large bucket of “lava”, (strips with orange streamers are good) should be placed at one end. At the other end, a Minecraft furnace (a small box will do) should be placed at the end. Each player will be given a bucket that is smaller than the one lava-filled. First, transfer the lava from your main bucket to your bucket. Next, pour the lava from your bucket into the bucket of the next player until you have finished. This bucket brigade continues until the furnace is full, as some of the lava may spill.

Creeper Bowling

To transform a green, ordinary bouncy ball into something creepy, use strips of black tape. You can stack boxes decorated with cube-like patterns or pixels and let your children use the creeper ball for knocking down the boxes.