13 Types Of Pockets: The Most Common Styles

Pockets can serve both a practical and fashionable purpose. Discover the thirteen types of pockets.

What are Pockets?

Pockets are fabric patches that are sewn into clothes and accessories to store personal belongings. Pockets can be found in pants, jackets and bags as well as long sleeves shirts and graphic tees. Some pockets are integrated into clothing articles or bags, while others have colorful embellishments such as embroidery or beading. Designers and tailors use pocket patterns, sewing patterns, and templates in order to add pockets to clothing.

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13 Types Of Pockets

Different types of pockets serve different purposes. There are many types of pockets.

The bellows pocket: Is a large, box-pleated pocket. Bellows pockets can easily expand to hold multiple items thanks to the pleat.

Besom pocket: Also called a slit pocket, jetted pocket, or a besom pockets, a besompocket is a flapless pocket that’s common in suit jackets, sport coats and dress pants.

Breast pocket: Usually sewn into jackets or shirts’ chests, breast pockets are common in menswear as well as unisex styles. They include classic button-down shirts and suit jackets.

Cargo pocket: These pockets maximise space by using folds and pleats or tucks in order to create expandable layers. These pockets are made for cargo pants and have an industrial, casual look.

Coin pocket: These are smaller pockets that are sewn into jeans pockets. They can hold coins or other small items. Coin pockets were originally watch pockets that held a pocket watch. As pocket watches became less popular, coin pockets became smaller and could be used to store loose change.

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Flap pockets: These pockets have a flap that folds over the pocket opening to secure items. They are ideal for storage of more valuable items.

Inside pocket: These pockets can be used to secure personal items like a wallet. These pockets are a very popular type of jacket pocket. Some have a zipper at the pocket opening to provide extra security.

Kangaroo pockets: These pockets are very popular in unisex sweatshirts or hoodies. Kangaroo pockets, which are large patch pockets, can be opened on both sides. This allows you to slide your hands in and outside for warmth and storage.

A patch pocket is one of the most basic patterns of pockets. It attaches a piece to the garment and creates a pocket. This pocket style, which is open in design, allows for easy access to items.

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Side seam pocket: These pockets are discrete and sewn into seams on a piece or clothing. They blend in with the fabric. Side seam pockets work well with skirts, formal pants and dress patterns.

Slanted pocket: Also called slash pockets, these pockets have an opening that is angled and rests at an angle. Slanted pockets, also known as slash pockets, are a casual style that is common in pants. The pocket begins at the waistband and curves down towards the outseam. Jackets can also have slanted pockets.

Utility pocket: This type is a practical patch pocket that has multiple pockets in one large pocket. Utility pockets are a standard feature in bags, military uniforms and utility vests because they can hold multiple items.

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Welt pocket: This type of pocket is usually flat, but sometimes has a reinforced border at the edge. A welt pocket can be described as a pocket that is sewn and placed on top of a garment.