What is a Sweater Vest?

A sweater vest is a long-sleeved knitwear top with a V neck collar and pullover. Although it is a timeless piece of preppy attire that has been popularized for decades, the sweater vest trend has evolved to include other styles.

How to style a sweater vest?

A sweater vest can add texture or color contrast to many outfits. These style tips will help you to consider all the options.

  1. You can go for a preppy classic look. While a button-up shirt and a cashmere sweater vest or blazer are conservative options, a bright-colored sweater vest can make the look more modern. Tan France, fashion expert, shares her tips on color-coordinating clothing.
  2. Embrace monochrome. A solid-colored sweater vest can be matched with clothes from the same color family. A simple outfit can be made more interesting by pairing a cable-knit sweater vest in beige with a turtleneck and khakis.
  3. Try different sizes and cuts. Cropped sweater vests can be worn over a shirt or under a cardigan to create a more fitted look. For a casual look, you can pair an oversized sweater vest and leggings. Combining your oversized vest and a pair baggy jeans will create a retro street-style look.
  4. Mix and match prints. Mix and match patterns to create an outfit that is bold and different. Layer a long-sleeved shirt with pattern and a sweater vest. To avoid clashing, choose different-sized patterns with some common color. Tan France, fashion expert, knows a lot about mixing prints.
  5. A sweater vest can be paired with a white T-shirt. The classic look of a sweater vest worn over a white Tshirt is from the ’90s, while ’90s fashion trends are making a comeback. You can dress up the look with hoop earrings, dress shoes, or casually with jeans.