4 Black Friday marketing strategies for your fashion store

Every year, Black Friday is the biggest sales day for in-store shopping. In 2022, 72.9 million customers got up and headed to the stores in search of deals. The day made up almost 15% of the entire year’s sales!

Want to get more of those shoppers into your business when Black Friday rolls around this year? Here are four tips to promote your fashion store on Black Friday.

Use high-quality graphics in your ads

At the heart of any modern marketing campaign is incredible graphics. Visuals are what catch the viewers’ eyes and encourage them to read your ad. Plus, you run a fashion store! People need to see your awesome styles!

Of course, it takes time to design graphics from scratch — and hiring a professional graphic designer can be expensive. Rather than take time out of your already busy schedule, make your Black Friday ads with templates from PosterMyWall.

There are thousands of Black Friday ad templates available. Simply find the one that best fits your brand’s style, customize the information with the easy drag-and-drop editor, and you’re ready to post!

Upload your amazing graphics to your website, social media channels, or include them in your future email campaigns to ensure your messaging looks as good as your fashions. It’s the best way to attract more people to your Black Friday deals.

Run a social media contest

The only thing better than an amazing Black Friday deal is winning a freebie. You can attract a lot of attention to your brand and your Black Friday deals by running a contest on social media.

Contests are great for boosting engagement on social media. For example, ask your followers to post a picture of their favorite Thanksgiving styles and tag your company in the post. The person who posts the favorite style as voted by your store employees will win a free clothing item when they come in on Black Friday.

Of course, you don’t have to choose a Thanksgiving theme — or even a fashion theme. You can run any contest that you think your customers will enjoy and actually engage with. The more fun the contest (and the better the prize) the more participants you’ll get.

And even people who don’t win your contest will at least visit your social profile, see all your Black Friday deals, and be encouraged to visit your store on the big day. That’s a win, win!

Offer email-only deals

Email is a powerful marketing force, even in 2023. The average email marketing campaign generates an incredible $36 for every $1 spent! And you can harness that power to bring more people into your fashion store’s Black Friday sale.

The key to a Black Friday email marketing campaign is to start early. Start teasing your deals a couple weeks before the big day. Then when Black Friday hits, you can ramp up the encouragement with some email-only deals.

Email-only deals are exactly like they sound: They’re special deals that only people who read your emails can get.

These special deals do two things. First, they make all your email readers feel special and provide even more incentive to visit your store on Black Friday. Second, they encourage more people to sign up for your email newsletters so they can get the deals too, strengthening your future email marketing campaigns.

Not only do email-only deals boost your Black Friday sales, but they boost your future sales, too! That’s the power of email in the modern age.

Partner with other brands

What’s a quick way to double (or more) your marketing reach? Partner with another brand! It’s especially easy for fashion stores to find marketing partners. Just think of all the brands you carry or that make up your various styles. Pick one (or a few) and reach out to see if they’d be interested in collaborating on some Black Friday promotions.

For example, you could put together an amazing Holiday look using a specific brand of shoes. Reach out to the company that makes the shoes and ask them to share your post on their social feeds and website. Ambitious brands might even want to work together to make the graphics and marketing collateral.

The minute your partner brand shares your post, you increase your marketing reach exponentially! They get access to your audience base, and you get access to theirs, and everybody is happy when Black Friday rolls around.

And because you’re working together on marketing, they might even give you a special deal on their products, which you can then offer to your customers on Black Friday to bring even more shoppers into your store.

Make this Black Friday sale the best yet

Black Friday is a big day for retailers. Customers are looking for the best deals around. And if you want them to visit your fashion store, you need to make sure people know about your incredible offers!

Start your Black Friday promotions with some amazing graphics and Black Friday ads, run a social media contest, provide email-only deals, and partner with other brands. With all your promotional efforts working together, this Black Friday might just be the best yet for your fashion store.