The 10 Best Hair Straighteners For Every Hair Type and Budget

Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

The CHI flat iron is fast-heating and power-smoothing and earned a rare perfect score from GH’s experts. It was able to heat up to 96% of its max temperature in just 60 seconds. It also ranked first for straightening hair, as well as keeping it frizz-free throughout the day. Testers gave it high marks for its ease of use and smoothness.

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Flat Iron 1″ with Anti-Static Technology

Although we haven’t tried it in the Lab yet, there are over 34,000.00 Amazon reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars. People love this flat iron. It has a lot of great features for a low-cost hair tool. The titanium-coated floating ceramic plates allow for even heating and silky smooth movement through hair. You can also adjust the temperature to suit your hair type.

Platinum+ Professional Styler

This flat iron can be used for straightening or curling hair thanks to its rounded edges and 1-inch plate. They are super smooth so there is no chance of your hair getting snags. The flat iron reached 99% of its claimed temperature within 30 seconds in lab tests. The flat iron maintained a constant temperature of 365o to protect hair against heat damage. It also has a heat uniformity technology that heats evenly across the entire plate, ensuring even styling. Sabrina Porsche, a Mane Addicts stylist, said that GHD irons are a favorite among several celebrity stylists she interviewed. “I recommend GHD Irons for anyone with natural hair who wants to use the best iron for hair that won’t be damaged by heat.”

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Flat Iron Pro 1″ Pearl Ceramic

The Remington is lightweight and affordable, with smooth strands that stay put. In our latest test, the tool was 0.77 pounds lighter than the other winners. The tool was tied for the best in maintaining smoothness. One pass is all it takes to achieve straight hair that lasts,” an evaluator stated. Another adds hair that “felt soft and looked straight with the iron,” making it ideal for frizzy hair. It heated up to 93% of its claimed temperature within 60 seconds in Lab tests. This is faster than the 15 seconds it claimed.

Lucea ID 1’’ Smart Flat Iron

The smart flat iron lets you input personal information such as hair length and texture, to automatically determine the right styling temperature. Our Lab professionals say that people often use a higher temperature setting than they really need. However, with nine settings, the iron is perfect for anyone, so you won’t burn your hair. The iron was praised for its ability to make hair shiny and silky, with testers stating that it glided through hair without tugging, pulling or creases, which made for a style that lasted throughout the day. Porsche said, “I love T3 because when I do a silk pressing, I know that I get super straight and shiny results.” The iron not only remembers your settings, but it also provides instructions for setting up and retouching. It can even shut off automatically after 60 minutes.

Salon Straightener Copper Smooth Flat Iron

The 1-inch-wide, super long Revlon tool gives lasting straightness to the thickest, longest hairs. It was the most versatile (180degF to 455degF in our tests) and had a length of 4.9 inches which was the longest we tested. Pros noted that this helped “make the process faster.” It took approximately one minute to reach 94% of the claimed temperature. However, it received the highest score in technical testing for maintaining hair straightness. The lowest score was for keeping hair shiny, straight and frizz-free for the entire day. Make sure you use an antifrizz serum.

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Corrale Hair Straightener

This Dyson flat iron is ideal for traveling (or inconveniently located outlets in the bathroom), and can be used cordless: A 70-minute charge gives you 30 minutes of styling without a cord. The Dyson flat iron plates have flexible plates that don’t leave hair flat like traditional flat irons. This makes it more versatile than other flat irons with a flat surface. Although it is bulky and heavy, experts said that the Dyson was not a problem during use. The Dyson’s plates are flexible so hair doesn’t get squished flat. It heats up to 95% in just 60 seconds, and maintains a constant temperature for 15 minutes. While the outside temperature remains cool, the Dyson’s plate temperature keeps the outside temperature at a comfortable temperature. In Lab tests, Dyson hair lost its straightness after being exposed to humidity for 24 hours. Our experts also found that it pulled hair more than other irons when styling.

Nano Ultra-Thin Straightening iron

This iron is the Beauty Lab standard. We use it for various tests, such as anti-frizz. Consumer testers say it glides through hair without pulling and is very easy to use. BaBylissPRO flat iron has received over 10,000 5-star Amazon reviews. The titanium iron is thin and has plates that reach all the way to where the clamp ends, so it can nab frizz right at root. This iron is great for natural hair or stubborn frizz. According to one reviewer, she claims the flat iron cut down her styling time by half and eliminates frizz in just one pass.

Polished Perfection Straightening Brush 2.0

The clever brush is easy to use and doesn’t require any styling skills. It won’t reduce hair’s volume or give it a crunchy, straight look. It won’t straighten your hair as well as a traditional iron. However, we recommend it for any hair problems. The straightening time of one curly-haired editor was cut in half.

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Flat Iron Glider Ceramic

Amazon reviews claim that this flat iron is the best money can buy and costs less than $50. It has received over 55,000 5-star Amazon reviews. You should also check out the thousands of after and before photos. It is said to make hair silky smooth and cut down styling time, as well as snag-free. However, in our Beauty Lab tests it failed to score high for ease-of-use and satisfaction. Testers cited the heat dial as being “difficult” to adjust, plus it took the longest time to heat up. We also noticed that hair did not stay straight after heat.z