Craigslist VT: leads in Charlotte construction theft

Craigslist VT is still the main lead in an investigation into the $10,000 theft of tools from a Charlotte construction site.

This ad, which was published on June 20, is the most reliable lead in the theft that disrupted Charlotte Crossings’ construction. It is located along U.S. Route 7, just south of Ferry Road. The site of the former Vermont Wildflower Farm. Mike Dunbar, a contractor, and Debbie Kassabian (his wife, a Charlotte resident), purchased the 5-acre property. Plans were drawn up for a project that would be used for office, retail, and restaurant purposes.

Dunbar is the owner of Middlebury Fence Company, Black wedding rings RenoVaTe Construction and Kassabian works as a pharmacist. Dunbar ollies said that the project was 75 percent complete with the goal of opening in September.

Craigslist VT AD

The theft occurred on the evening of June 18. Workers arrived at the scene just before 7 a.m. June 19 to discover that their locked trailer, which contained a lot of their tools and equipment, had been broken into. Police also reported that many items were missing from the trailer.

Dunbar offered $3,000 to anyone with information that could lead to a conviction by 9:45 AM that morning on Facebook.

Dunbar sent the Craigslist VT ad to Vermont state troopers after someone responded with an image. Cpl. Andrew Leise is currently investigating the matter. He stated Monday that he was off duty for two days to search Craigslist VT for the ad.

  • He said, “Once the ad came in, I pursued them.” “We are still pursuing a strong lead pertaining Craigslist VT ad.”
  • Dunbar pointed out that he had installed a surveillance cam since the episode.

Liese stated that he continues to pursue the Craigslist VT lead, and is communicating with the Attorney General’s Office as the investigation progresses.

The Vermont Realtors Association and the attorney general are warning consumers about a persistent scam that promotes rental property through Craigslist VT.

In a press release, AG Bill Sorrell stated that the scam involves copying real estate listings made to appear like rental opportunities. Scammers could also create totally fake listings.

Consumers should be cautious about renting at prices too good to be true and be careful when sending money to deposit or for other fees. The release stated that prospective renters should visit the property and talk to former tenants before they commit any money.

Rich Gardner, coowner of RE/MAX North Professionals Colchester, stated that he was contacted by a customer who became suspicious about a Craigslist VT listing. He had wired money to someone from Kentucky. “The cardiologist lifestyle scammer used my name to respond to the consumer and said that they would get in touch with her to remove the listing from the market.”