Fashion Dim Sum: Piggy Buns

Fashion Dim Sum’s Piggy Buns will bring a smile to your face

This is how I saw dining review gold. I can’t even begin to describe the piggy buns.

Rikki won the dessert buns at Fashion Dim Sum Edmonds thanks to Robert Frank, an ex-Herald local news editor and dim sum expert.

Dim sum is small portions of Chinese food served on small plates or in steamer baskets. This is what I stole from Google. I don’t know much about dim sum.

I stared at the long order form, not knowing what boxes to mark on the 60-item list. I was saved by the man behind the counter. He pointed Beauty Bay to the TV, which flashed images with the names of the dishes. Every item looked delicious.

What would Robert do for Rikki?

Rikki stated that her favorite dim sum dish is the soup dumplings (Xiaolongbao). Robert recommended rice noodles with dried shrimp at Fashion Dim Sum. They were delicious and a great mix of textures, she stated. Fashion also offers chicken feet, which are delicious, but not so delicately. These are great yoyo fashion to take to the TV to enjoy with wet wipes.

  • I love chicken wings but can’t bring myself to eat the feet.
  • While I waited, the waiter brought me a cup if hot tea. My order was ready in less than 10 minutes.
  • Dim sum should be eaten hot so I opened the bag and dug into the crab rolloon.

Crab rangoon is a delicious combination of deep-fried wontons and cream cheese filling. Fashion Dim Sum managed to perfect it.

Before I left the parking lot, I had eaten two of the four crab ringsons in my car. The cream cheese stains are evidence of this.

The wonton was crispy and filled with delicious fillings.

I was in a moment of strength and tied the bag with the other five cartons of goodness together to give to my family.

The food was still warm when I returned home. The food looked exactly like the photos. Of course, this is often not true. Rather, the food looks like glamour photos.

Fashion Dim Sum Thin onions were added to the chow mein.

  • My husband, who is a man with few food words but a large stomach, said that the noodles had the perfect texture and  cyberpunk fashion crisp onions. He finished the entire meal and then went awol over the pork spareribs.
  • Just in time, I piled some on my plate. These small pieces of tender meat were wrapped around bone-shaped bones. It was very tasty. The pork broth flavored the rice on the lotus leaves.
  • My daughter-in law’s favorite was the sticky rice ball topped with peanuts. She said that it has good flavor and filling.