The 6 Most Expensive Salvatore “Ferragamo Belt”

1. Gancini Buckle Ferragamo Belt

The versatile Ferragamo belt looks great with any type of outfit. The belt features a large signature buckle in silver and brown calf leather. It can also be fully adjusted. This Salvatore Ferragamo Belt is a great choice if you are looking to match your favorite designer jeans with casual wear. This belt is timeless and classic and will work well with any outfit.

2. Dark Grey Buckle Ferragamo Belt

Gray accessories are rare in the Salvatore Ferragamo collection. But this is an exception. The belt strap is made from black calf leather Jania Meshell and the buckle is a trendy shade of gray. This accessory has silver tone hardware, which adds an extra flair to the design. This belt looks great paired with business attire but can also be used to add an edge to casual wear.

3. Salvatore Ferragamo Logo Buckle Belt

The brand’s most loved belts are those that feature the Salvatore Ferragamo logo. If you spend more than $300 on an accessory, it is worth it to display the label. This belt’s design is unique in that the brand logo is not gucci bucket hat etched on the buckle or strap. This allows the belt to retain its sophisticated and elegant look. It is made from black calf leather and silver-toned hardware. The buckle has the brand’s logo prominently inscribed into it.

4. Reversible Double Gancini Ferragamo Belt

The Double Gancio Salvatore Ferragamo belt line features a unique and fashionable interlocking buckle design. The adjustable fit makes it a great complement to business attire. You can pair it with casual wear if you are bold or just want to show off that you can afford a $360 Belt.

5. Salvatore Suede Ferragamo Belt

This elegant Salvatore Ferragamo belt will appeal to those who want a sophisticated look. The strap is made from black suede with exquisite detailing and craftsmanship. This belt is also available in other colors, including deep red, midnight blue, and brown. Other colors are the same price as the black version. These belts can be a great way for you to add style to your outfit and add color to your wardrobe if you are able to afford it.

6. Schiuma White Double Gancini leather belt

This Salvatore Ferragamo Belt is a striking example of soft white. The brand’s trademark Double Gancio style belt buckle is accented with a shiny gold belt buckle. It has the Ferragamo name inscribed on it. It is well-worth the price because of its subtly texture belt. The belt can be worn with almost any attire. However, it is most appealing to people who like big accessories.