Jania Meshell: untold story

Jania Meshell Bana is an American social media influencer and personality. Her YouTube channel, which she calls Jania Meshell Bania, has over 620K subscribers and more than two million Instagram followers. Her YouTube channel is dedicated primarily to beauty product reviews and personal vlogs. Jania’s Instagram account mostly features professional modeling photos.

Meshell got her big break when she began a relationship with NBA YoungBoy. Jania Meshell gained additional publicity through the velo culture relationship, which also helped her social media careers. Jania has seen her career grow steadily and has set her sights on greater success.

This article will discuss Jania’s relationship to NBA YoungBoy. It will also cover her current relationship with rumors, her business, how she responded to them, potential careers in music and her botched surgery.

She was involved with a terrible breakup with NBA YoungBoy Jania Meshell

Jania Meshell was a bad friend spongebob popsicle of NBA YoungBoy. Meshell used to post about NBA YoungBoy’s toxic behavior on her Instagram Live. Their breakup was as messy as their relationship. NBA YoungBoy released a song where he claimed Jania had given him herpes after their breakup. In a song called Truth About Herpes, he sang:

“That’s not the truth, when I hear you say/ I got herpes and gave it Ni/ To tell truth the truth, it was given to me by a chick.”

Meshell was not happy with the lyrics of NBA’s song and posted a series tweets on 5 December 2019. Meshell said:

“I didn’t give NOBODY SHIT! This lieshit is getting out of hand and I’m sick. Anything for SALES, I’m done with it. I just said it because I loved it. But it wasn’t true. Stop talking to me if I lose these papers.”

YoungBoy and Meshell have a son named Kacey, despite their bad relationship and split-up.

She says she doesn’t plan to have any other children.

Jania Meshell said that it was unlikely that she would have other children in a Q&A session that was posted in November 2020. She said that she is happy with Kacey and that he will not be getting siblings from her. She said that he would be fine with his brothers and sisters on the NBA Youngboy side.

“I don’t want any more children. Although I would love to have more children, I don’t want many fathers. I don’t want to have any more [kids]. I will, you know. Stick with Kacey. He has siblings from his dad’s side so he doesn’t really need them by my side.

Jania shared with her fans that she travels to and fro between Atlanta and her job. Houston is where her family resides, and she loves Houston because it has a lower cost of living.