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Five styling tips to enhance your personal style

Five styling tips to enhance your personal style

It can be difficult to find new ways to wear the same clothes and lift the wardrobe personal style you already have when you see the same wardrobe every day.

  • You can dramatically improve your style by making small changes to your wardrobe and shopping for the right items.
  • These are five tips to help you make smarter wardrobe decisions.

Your clothing should be adjusted to fit your body.

It’s better to avoid modifications. This is an additional cost that you should consider when purchasing a product, as well as time and effort. I prefer to avoid any alterations and look for a better fit in another brand or store.

Sometimes, however, a simple modification can transform an amazing item into something that is perfect for you.

However, I wouldn’t recommend altering if the item is perfect in every other place, serves a clear purpose in you wardrobe, and will remain a consistent part of your outfits for many years.

If the pants are perfect and you love them, it’s worth adjusting the hemline of the pants or the sleeves of the blazer. These are easy and inexpensive alterations.

You can adjust your clothing in many ways that fit your body without going to the tailor. These are just a few examples.


The sleeves can be rolled to the elbow. This will create a loosely gathered, intentional detail. If your sleeves aren’t sticking when you roll them up, simply cuff them at the wrist twice or three times. This transforms jackets into appropriate tran-seasonal pieces that can be worn in all seasons. It also temporarily reduces the length of your sleeves. This looks stylish and deliberate! This is a bonus because you can return the sleeves to their normal length if you wish to layer a long-sleeved top underneath.


For jeans, cuff your hem twice. This will reduce the hemline. It looks great with sneakers, sandals, or espadrilles in casual situations. This can be done even if you’re wearing ankle boots. This will allow your jeans to meet the top of your ankle boots without any messy tucking.


Your mid- to high-rise bottoms should be tucked in. French tucks look elegant and are very popular. If you are wearing pants, tuck your top at the front. To tuck into a skirt, pull your top in, and then blouse it lightly with a thumb-sized amount of fabric.

Tie your top in a knot at the front if you don’t like tucking. This is especially useful for button-up shirts. Untie the last few buttons to tie the top.

Choose a color that best reflects your personality and daily plans

All of us have colors that we can put on quickly and feel refreshed and focused. These colours enhance the brightness and whiteness of your eyes. They also lift your complexion and reduce any pigmentation. These colours can be worn on days when you feel flat.

Think about your day plans and pick a color that best represents them. If you are going on a bike ride or breakfast at a local cafe, your choice of clothing and colours will be different than if you are heading to work for the day.

For relaxed jackets, swap sloppy cardigans

Cardigans serve a purpose. They are great for when you go to the grocery store or to the park. However, they can show signs of wear quickly and lack structure so may look unpolished. Look for cardigans that have shape around the neck, waistline, or arms. Also, look out for one with texture and interest in the colour.

A lightweight, loose-fitting jacket is an alternative. These jackets provide additional warmth, cover and mobility while also keeping you warm. They are lighter than a cardigan so they don’t feel heavy.

A denim jacket can be worn casually as an alternative to a cardigan. It can be worn with jeans, dresses, skirts, jeans, and t-shirts, depending on your personal style and proportions. Many denim jackets are flexible and can be worn with many different styles.

You may like to be able to roll your cardigan up in your bag. This will ensure that your cardigan stays in place when you take it out of the bag. It will also conceal any tiny pulls and minimize signs of wear.

Choose neutral colors instead of wearing more shoes.

Comfortable, high-quality shoes can be expensive so make sure you get the best value for your money. A collection of neutral-coloured shoes will allow you to have fewer pairs but still be able mix and match with different outfits.

You can use white sneakers, black boots, and black flats or heels with tan, beige, or other neutral colours to match many prints, textures, and colours in your wardrobe.

When choosing shoes, it is important to think about your lifestyle. Heels might not be required if you walk to work. However, a pair of comfortable boots will, so that you can still walk in the rain, are a good choice. White sneakers might not be appropriate for corporate environments. However, white sneakers can easily become part of your work wardrobe if you work at an office that has a smart casual dress code.

One accessory can make a big impact on your outfit

You don’t need many accessories. Just as with shoes, there are only a handful of pieces you can use with every outfit. You can enhance your outfit with a pair of simple earrings, silver or gold earrings, and a minimalistic necklace. Your personal style, colouring and what you have in your closet should all influence the accessories that you choose.

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