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5 styling tips that will improve your personal style

5 styling tips that will improve your personal style

If you look at the same personal style wardrobe every day and dress in the same outfits every day, it can be hard to think of new ways to wear them and improve the wardrobe.

Here are 5 ways to make your wardrobe more stylish.

It’s possible to significantly improve your personal style by changing the way that you shop and how you dress.

Make sure your clothes fit with your measurements

In general, it is best to avoid any modifications. You will incur an additional cost and spend more time and effort. I prefer to avoid making alterations when possible and shop at a different store or brand for a better fit.

  • Sometimes, however a simple change can make an item feel like it was made just for you.
  • If the item is in perfect condition everywhere else and serves a clear function in your wardrobe, then I recommend that you alter it.
  • If you are happy with the fit of your pants, or the length of your blazer, it is worth having the hemline cut. These are quick and easy alterations.
  • Without having to visit the tailor, there are many ways you can alter your clothing to fit your measurements. Here are some examples.


It will appear as a relaxed, gathered detail when you roll the sleeves up to your elbow. If the sleeves don’t stay up when rolled up then simply cuff the sleeves at your wrist. This will do the trick. This will transform your jackets from winter-appropriate pieces into tran-seasonal pieces, and temporarily shorten your sleeves. It’s trendy and even intentional! You can also return the sleeves to their original length when you layer a long sleeved shirt underneath.


Cuff your jeans twice. This reduces the hemline, and is great for casual wear with sneakers, sandals or espadrilles. Also, you can do this with ankle boots. This way, your jeans will meet the tops of your ankle boots.


Turn your top inside out and wear your high-rise or mid-high rise bottoms. French tucks, which are easy to style, are a very popular option. If you’re wearing pants, you can tuck the top in at the front. Tuck your top into a skirt and lightly blouse it.

You don’t have to tie your top at the front if tucking is not your style. This works especially well for button-up shirts. Simply undo the last two buttons and tie the top.

Wear a colour that represents you and your daily plans

There are certain colours that can be easily slipped on to feel more awake than we actually were. These colours will highlight your whites and enhance your skin’s brightness. These colours are best worn when you feel tired or feeling flat.

Consider your plans for the day, and then choose a colour that represents those plans. You might choose a different colour if you are headed out for a bike ride, breakfast at a local café, or if you’re going to be meeting with external stakeholders on a Tuesday in the office.

Switch to relaxed jackets instead of sloppy cardigans

Cardigans are useful and can be worn when you go shopping or out to the park. But they tend to show signs and wear quickly. Also, because they lack structure, cardigans can look unpolished. You want cardigans with a shape in the neckline, waistline, and arms. Look out for ones with interest in colour and texture.

Another option is to wear a loose fitting jacket that’s lightweight. You still have the option of wearing a lightweight jacket that is comfortable and easy to move in.

Casually, a jeans jacket is a great option to a cardigan. You can wear it with jeans, skirts, dresses, or jeans as well as t-shirts if the size and style suits you. You can find many denim jackets with stretch fabric that aren’t rigid or restrictive.

Look for a cardigan with texture if you want to be able roll it up and put in your bag. This will make your cardigan stay in its original shape, hide any pulls or wrinkles and reduce wear.

Opt for neutral colours and less shoes

You want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. You will have more options for outfit mixing and matching neutral shoes than if you only own one pair.

White sneakers, black boots, flats, and heels in black, brown, or beige are all great colours that can be worn with many different prints, textures, colours, and wardrobes.

It is important to take into account your lifestyle when shopping for shoes. Shoes might not be necessary if you are walking to work. But, boots will make it possible to walk even in rainy conditions. You might also not wear white sneakers to work if your workplace has a dress code that is smart and casual. But white sneakers may be a good option if you have a work environment with smart casual dress codes.

Make sure to wear one accessory that has a significant impact on your outfit

Like shoes, accessories don’t have to be complicated. You only need a few pieces that can go with any outfit. Accessory items such as a pair or simple necklace, simple earrings, or gold-plated earrings are versatile and will complement the colors, textures, and prints in your outfit. You should consider what accessories you already own and your individual colour preferences.

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