Fashion Tap: A new social media platform

How many times have your social media feeds been flooded with a list of must-have items? It could have been a gorgeous bag, celebrity greens a stunning lip color, or a pair of boots. Imagine that you could purchase these items in a matter of seconds. Fashion Tap is a revolutionary new social media app.


The app was created by Amy Roiland (a former model and PR representative) and allows fashion lovers to connect with each other and brands they love. We spoke with her about Fashion Tap and how it might change the industry.

My boss, who was working as a PR professional for an e-commerce business, asked me to locate Austin fashion bloggers for SXSW. She wanted Fashion Dim Sum to wear our handcrafted denim. I returned to my computer and searched endlessly. It was amazing to me that the fashion industry didn’t have a single social network or platform for everyone to find them based on their lifestyles and what they do.

I hated the idea of going on other social networking sites and seeing what everyone was wearing, but it was difficult to find out what planet fashion they were wearing. Sometimes they would reply, but it was vague. For example, “Those jeans by ASOS,” which would mean that I would need to search 100 pages for the …. jeans. People should be paid to promote other brands and designers. We take selfies all day and tell everyone who made our lipstick. But why not get a small percentage of that for doing so? This app was created to ensure everyone wins.

Amy recognized a need to fill a gap in social media. Fashion lovers didn’t have a way to share their passions and connect with each other.


Fashion Tap allows users to create clickable hyperlinks from uploaded photos to direct online retailers. The app allows you to click on a handbag and it will take you directly to an online boutique so you can purchase it immediately.

Earn money

It can offer exposure and financial benefits to its users. Fashion Tap allows you to link to retail sources for every part of your #OOTD by uploading it to Fashion Tap. You will be paid a commission if another Fashion user makes a purchase from the stores after clicking your image. This means you get free money for sharing an image that you would normally share anyway.

This short video will give you a glimpse into Fashion Tap. This app is amazing, so join the first wave of social media. Fashion is so amazing that we have Fashion as our profile. You can now download the app from the App Store.