Tips to Increase Sales in Your Beauty Store

Are you looking to boost sales at your beauty store? There are a few strategies you can try.

While there are various methods to attract customers into your shop, let’s focus on helping them locate and purchase what they need once inside your establishment. Here are six practical steps you can use that will help determine what attracts buyers once they’ve been drawn in by what you have to offer.

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Calls to Action

A Call-to-Action, also referred to as a CTA, is simply an announcement of what customers should do next and offering them an incentive for taking that step. Many emails sent from businesses will explain the offer in detail and include a call-to-action button that requires action (the “call”), followed by an optional link for downloading (the “action”). Websites often display CTAs that prompt you to enter your email, such as “Enter your email to stay informed on our products and deals”. This message to action calls for action; whether in a physical or online setting, action calls could involve trying out skincare products, joining rewards programs to earn points or emails, or receiving bonuses when referring others to the store. The purpose is always to address their problem in an appealing and logical way.


Anchoring is an effective strategy for framing the context of your client’s choice. Anchoring implies creating an anchor point which serves as a compass throughout the experience – this could include pricing or cosmetics product ordering.


Decoy Effect

It may be difficult to comprehend at first, but we’ll get there! The basic idea is that consumers’ preferences for one choice over another may shift when an alternative (less desirable) is offered. It could be that the third product isn’t quite as good or the pricing is some kind of scam.

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Consider buying one ounce of body butter at $6.00, the low option, versus a multipack of four 1 oz body creams at $20 – the higher option. With such an enormous cost difference between them, most buyers will opt for the cheaper option. However, by making your larger pack more appealing to buyers, you could potentially earn more money.

Cheerleader Effect

This effect is similar to the decoy effect, in that both depend on multiples of a product. However, in this instance, it operates under the psychologically-proven theory that even slightly attractive things look even better in groups. Create eye-catching collections on shelves, in buyable packs or sections on your website to maximize the appeal of each item within. It doesn’t need to be thought about since everyone knows things look better when displayed together. While it’s wise to keep some star items out of the spotlight for now, creating an assortment of products will enhance the overall aesthetic and help boost sales over time.

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Marketing Indulgence

Remember that many shopping decisions are made based on emotion instead of logic. We’re all familiar with how this plays out: an impulse purchase rarely lasts long enough for us to justify it, or else we wouldn’t have bought it at all. Furthermore, many are aware of “retail therapy,” the idea that shopping can (briefly) improve one’s mood.

Beauty products remain popular today, but they work best when they engage people emotionally and give them a sense of indulgence. You can appeal to their “pain point”, something they may be searching for solutions to, such as diminishing wrinkles or having a more radiant complexion.

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Customers of all backgrounds are welcomed to call us for product recommendations and other advice over the phone. Our staff members provide personalized attention and offer warm, attentive service. We only hire knowledgeable individuals who understand makeup products, who will then use their expertise along with customer preferences to quickly select the most suitable items after just a few minutes of discussion.

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Support of New Brands

Friends is proud to be at the forefront of beauty. That means we’re one of the first places to carry exciting new items. Another advantage of shopping with Friends is that we often carry items which cannot be found elsewhere! Where else can you get Viseart, Stilazzi and Anastasia items all in one place?